What makes John Bernard Guitar Studio stand out above the crowd in guitar instruction? Well, for starters, I’ve developed a program that is specifically designed to address the needs of entry level students. Why is that so important? Because a good beginning often means the difference between success and failure in any endeavor.

Another unique feature of my program is the emphasis I place on singing. Over the years I’ve observed that using the voice and fingers together seems to actually deepen the learning process. Singing while playing a song from beginning to end also appears to be more gratifying for students than simply learning snippets of rock songs — the method typically used by guitar instructors. To avoid intimidating students, I make it clear that the goal is not to make them good singers, but simply to help them gain the confidence necessary to use their voices while playing.

If a structured, time-tested program that includes music history, basic theory, singing, note reading, strumming, and performance skills sounds like it makes sense, then John Bernard Guitar Studio could be the right place for you or your child to study guitar.

Ready to take the next step? Great! Here’s what you can do:

First, take some time to explore my website. On the FAQ page, I’ve tried to answer every question that has arisen over the years, and, chances are, your question will be among those I’ve addressed. On the LISTEN page, you can hear the type of music I play personally; on the RECITALS page, students can see what other students have accomplished (older students will find the HIGHLIGHTS video to be of particular interest).

Second, pick a studio location, check my availability on the SCHEDULE page, and make arrangements via text, e-mail, or phone, to visit. This will provide an opportunity to meet me, view my studio, and discuss your goals. I look forward to talking with you!