Over the years, I’ve taught hundreds of students to play the guitar and sing. Here’s what a few of them have to say about their experience.

“John, thank you for your dedication to our daughter’s lessons. It was a joy to finally hear her perform!”
Ethel H., Toledo

“John … you have a true gift of music and teaching. It has been a very enjoyable experience.”
Sheryl M., Port Clinton

“John, you are a very good instructor. Thank you for the track you have put me on — it was just what I was searching for.”
Richard E., Perrysburg

“John, we are so grateful that K. has such a great and patient teacher.”
Karen B., Bowling Green

“John … you’ve helped me fulfill my goal of becoming a guitar player.”
John Z., Bowling Green

“Thank you, John, for your patience and encouragement. You are an excellent teacher!”
Jacob H., Bowling Green

“John, thank you so much for your dedication to T’s guitar lessons. We are so grateful you are in T’s life and look forward to many more years together!”
Dana N., Toledo

“John, I couldn’t have found a better teacher! I hope to be with you for a long time and someday, I hope to be able to play music alongside you!”
Nicky S., Maumee

“I started out thinking I would take lessons for six months and here it is two years later! I have enjoyed so much of the learning process and realizing that I can pick up a guitar and actually play a song. That is all thanks to you…I feel I have gained a friend as well as a teacher along the way.”
Suzanne W., Bowling Green

“John, we would like to give you a big thankyou for being a wonderful guitar teacher.”
Kammie M., Bowling Green