Monthly Lesson Fee
The monthly lesson fee is a retainer payable on the first lesson of the month and is the only way to reserve a consistent weekly lesson appointment. To keep things simple, I charge the same amount regardless of whether a month has four weeks and four lessons or five weeks and five lessons. This price, however, applies only to beginning students. Once a student has absorbed the foundational material — which typically takes between two to four years — they will be considered intermediate level and the monthly fee will change accordingly. For a full description of who qualifies as an intermediate player, please see the FAQ page. The lesson fee for intermediate and adult beginners varies according to how many weeks are in a given month.

Beginners (children)
30 minute lessons         $100.00 per month

Intermediate students and Adult beginners
30 minute lessons         $113 for 4 lessons/$140 for 5 lessons

Advanced and those Paying by-the-lesson**
30 minute lessons         $30.00 per lesson

** Students choosing this option will need to contact me 24 hours in advance to confirm availability of the desired lesson time.